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Discover the new fragrance Zand des Îles​ from ByNass Ibiza

parfum zand des iles bynass ibiza,bynass ibiza brand,Perfume Zand des iles ByNass Ibiza,Natasja Sijthoff,N.S.
zand des iles bynass ibiza,Perfume ByNass Ibiza,Patchouli,Natasja Sijthoff,N.S.,Parfum ByNass Ibiza by Natasja Sijthoff,N.S.

 Eau de parfum Spray 100ml Bottle

My first love with Patchouli

I am so glad to introduce my new fragrance Zand des Îles - ByNass Ibiza.  A sweet perfume line with a touch of tahitian vanilla and bohemia patchouli.


The scent of patchouli gives me a feeling about exotic beaches wonderful places and lots of summer memories.


Everyone asks me which scent i secret is a combination of patchouli and vanilla.

To combine both fragrances you get that heavenly beach feeling it's a wickedly delicious cocktail that is simply irresistible


The smell of tahitian vanilla and bohemia patchouli will give you that extra touch and happy feeling for a wonderful day and it holds

the promise of escape to exotic new surroundings. An scent of pure happiness...It completes my entire paradise collection.

Summer is coming and the memories are waiting to happen

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